heya its me prayane


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    heya its me prayane

    Post  unpacked on Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:06 pm

    heya all you might not know me but.. well yeah maybe we can meet on server sometime?
    well anyways here's my apply for mod!!

    Ingame Name: unpacked and irl rick

    How Long Have You Played FAMOUS-PKZ??: about a 1 and a half week now, (registered 4 days ago)

    People That Suggest You To Be Promoted(User To Mod,Mod To Admin,Admin To Co)?: none but i didnt see this question coming so.. yeah ill be back to this when i got my vote's Razz

    Why Should You Be Promoted To This Specified Rank?:well, i think i can handle this mod rank because i got loads of experience (4 years of private servers) and i was mod on hextion (90+ online all the time almost) and i was admin on peoplesgame (20+) i have been co ones but tht wasnt really populated it had like i duno 15+

    Why Do You Want To Be Promoted?:cause not many staff online when i'm online (blitz is online
    pretty much) but i think i can help blitz out if he's busy and stuff

    Do You Respect Rules?:i respect everyone and anything on the server including rules because without rules the server is one big mess!

    this was my apply hope u support me getting mod u wont be sorry..
    im serious! Razz

    cya all soon on game
    greets unpacked/rick!

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