Kroshiou's Mod Apply.


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    Kroshiou's Mod Apply.

    Post  Kroshiou on Mon Nov 23, 2009 9:43 am

    Ingame Name:Kroshiou.

    How Long Have You Played FAMOUS-PKZ??:Couple Day's.

    People That Suggest You To Be Promoted(User To Mod,Mod To Admin,Admin To Co)?:Possibly Me,To be a mod,And Clan Lax For Mod.

    Why Should You Be Promoted To This Specified Rank?:Well,I am Loyal,Trust worthy,You can Usually Count on me and Never Abuse my Givin Power's.

    Why Do You Want To Be Promoted?:Because I think I could help With any Problem's and with The Famous-Pkz Community.

    Do You Respect Rules?:Well Of Course Allways!

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