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    mod application ~ eternity x

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    name:eternity x

    How Long Have You Played FAMOUS-PKZ??:4 days and play every time server is online cause its awseom

    People That Suggest You To Be Promoted(User To Mod,Mod To Admin,Admin To Co)?:i have been recomended by freinds and people who think im a helpfull and likeable person also owner pur3(admin/co owner)

    Why Should You Be Promoted To This Specified Rank?:because i have been recomended to be a moderator on many servers because i play alot and i dont mind if someone asks me for help because i always know the answer because i always learn about the server study

    Why Do You Want To Be Promoted?:because i would love to be able to take my helping to the next level, but im not going to be cheesy because ive noticed in every application people have said "i want to help" but, still i would like to contribute to the server and its players.

    Do You Respect Rules?:ofcourse, the first thing i did was type ::rules and research on them.

    yours sincerly,
    king eternity x

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